Advantage Plug and Play Filtration System – Up to 15,000 Gallons


Advantage Plug and Play Series 2 Filtration System

The Advantage Plug and Play Series 2 System was designed to take the guesswork out of designing the perfect pond filter system. Each system comes with what we are convinced is, the best equipment available for koi ponds today. The equipment for each system is slightly over-sized for the pond. This will ensure you never outgrow your equipment.

Each system has been specifically engineered to be as compact as possible while still allowing maximum water flow. All systems now come plumbed with 2 inch sweep elbows. This guarantees that the equipment setup will be plumbed right every time.

The heart of your pond is the filter, and we are so confident in its ability we are the only manufacturer to offer a 1 Year Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. Unlike many other manufacturers, we actively design, build and maintain ponds daily. So we know what works and what doesn’t.

For overseas purchases, this product is also available upon request in 220v-240v. Please inquire for more information.

In The Box

x2) Advantage 10 Bead Filter
x2) Artesian 1/3 HP Pump
x2) Emperor Aquatics 80 Watt HO UV
x2) Electrical Control Tower
x2) 2’x3′ Equipment Pad
x2) Custom Plumbing With Unions
x2) 2″ Swing Check-Valve

Optional GROW System

The new Advantage Grow System uses water from your koi pond to water your landscaping. This allows the fresh water that would normally be used to water the landscaping to slowly refill your koi pond first. Then, the nutrient rich water from your pond is used to water the landscaping.

  • It’s like being able to perform water changes in your koi pond for free!
  • Guarantees precision water changes all year long automatically
  • Select the amount of water you change each week based on the amount of landscaping you choose to water
  • Provides the option to send water to your waste line while medicating your pond
  • GROW Tower Installation Guide

Additional information
Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 57 × 57 × 57 in
3D Model

3D Model

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Plug & Play Install/Backwash Instructions


Performance Pro ART2 Owners Manual


PAES Smart UV Manual


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