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    Service Route Maintenance

    Included in the Service

    • Backwashing of filter.
    • Cleaning out pump basket.
    • Cleaning out skimmer basket.
    • Checking water quality (Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrates, pH and Alkalinity).
    • Adjust water chemistry as needed.
    • Add Algae Control.
    • Add PondKlear.
    • Brush pond (done once a month).
    • Net leafs from pond surface.
    • Installation of consumable products (UV lamps, gaskets, etc…).
    • Delivery at the time of service of any product purchased from Sacramento Koi.

    NOT Included in the Service

    • Koi health examinations.
    • Cost of consumable products (UV lamps, gaskets, etc…).
    • New equipment installation.
    • Pond repairs.

    Additional Charges:

    $5 for each additional pump.
    $10 for each additional filter / pump combo.