Service Department

The service department at Sacramento Koi is backed by over 20 years of experience in plumbing and koi pond construction. Whether its helping you replace your UV light or installing a complete new filtration system Sacramento Koi is here to get the job done right.

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    What we Do


    We love new installs. Building a pond right from the start will save you time, headaches, and money down the road. The heart of a successful koi pond is the filtration system. We can spec out in detail all of the equipment necessary to build your pond right, including any options that you may desire.

    Pond Cleans

    Keeping your pond clean is vital to the health of your fish and the enjoyment you will receive from your koi pond. If your water clarity is not as clear as it used to be, your filter may be overwhelmed with harmful debris in the pond.

    To get your pond back to crystal clear water we offer full pond cleans.

    • Building a holding tank for your koi, with a complete oxygen system.
    • Completely draining the pond.
    • Removing all physical debris that has accumulated.
    • Pressure washing the waterfall, sides and bottom of the pond, refilling the pond and treating the fresh water to maintain the healthy ecosystem of the pond.
    • Returning the koi back into the clean and safe pond.

    Repairs and Upgrades

    Pond equipment does not last forever. Whether you need a new pump or a have a broken pipe, or perhaps your filter is not performing as it should, we can get your equipment fixed and running the way it should be. Looking to add more flow to your waterfall? We can upgrade your pump. Is your water turning green? We offer the most reliable UV lamps to keep algae down.

    Not sure what your pond needs, but you know it could be performing better? Our technician can come to you to make personalized suggestions on how to improve your pond.

    Within 60 miles of Rocklin, CA we offer same day emergency responding in case your filtration or oxygen system shuts down unexpectedly. If you live farther away long distance service can be arranged.