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Myth #1

I don’t need a filter

Fact #1

Filters remove the harmful waste that naturally builds up in a pond with koi. If you don’t remove it, eventually your pond will no longer be habitable.

Myth #2

I was told that sand filters are better than bead filters.

Fact #2

While sand filters can work well when brand new, they are difficult to maintain and effectively clean. Eventually this leads to “channeling”, and a drastic reduction in effectiveness of the filter.

Myth #3

I need to add a pre-filter to my bead filter right?

Fact #3

In some situations, a pre-filter can be useful. For example, on ponds larger than 5,000 gallons with heavy debris possibly from surrounding trees or other foliage that enters the pond.

However with most ponds, the skimmer and pump baskets are sufficient for removing leaves and other large debris.


The filter is the heart of your koi pond. The filter is what keeps the water clear and healthy for the fish. Many ponds have failed because the owners spent all their money on a beautiful pond and tried to save money on their filter.

Filtration can be broken down into two main parts:

  1. A mechanical filter removes fish waste and anything else in the pond that would cloud the water.
  2. A biological filter converts the ammonia produced by the fish into nitrites and eventually into nitrates which, in general, are harmless to the fish.

In addition, most lakes and ponds have a constant supply of fresh water by means of streams and rivers. This removes the buildup of ammonia and nitrites in the water, leaving a healthy environment for the fish. In a man-made koi pond on the other hand, you’re recycling the same water over and over.

Some filters can be very high maintenance requiring constant attention, while others can be very easy to maintain. The Advantage Bead Filter is designed to serve as both a mechanical and a biological filter, and is extremely easy to maintain. The Advantage Filter is also the only filter on the market today that offers a factory “One Year Satisfaction Guarantee.” “If for any reason during the first year you are not completely satisfied with the Advantage Filter, Sacramento Koi will buy it back.” The Advantage filter is also a pressurized filter. This gives you the ability to install your equipment above or below the water level of the pond, and up to 300 feet away from the pond. With this filter, you have more flexibility of where you want your pond equipment to be set up, even out of sight.

Best Practice

You can never have too much filtration. So when choosing a filter, selecting one that is slightly oversized for your pond can be a very wise investment.

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