Getting Cold? Winterize!

With the changing weather, everything is getting cold including your pond! Depending on your location, a heater would be your best and most efficient solution to keep your pond warm.

Often a heater isn’t possible. But that’s okay! A couple days below freezing at night, but warming up during the day may not warrant following a winterization procedure. However, if you face long stretches of temperatures below freezing, winterizing your system may be the best option. First, check with your local Koi Club or other pond owners and see what their procedures are. Below we’ve listed some general procedures that we tell our customers from all over the world.

You would first want to drain the pond below the jet and autofill lines. You can then use the blower to purge out the return lines (waterfall, jets, etc). You would then turn the Multiport Head to the Recirculate position and then turn the blower on to send air through those return lines. You would also want to turn off your autofill and drain out that line as well. You would then cap all these lines off and fill the pond back up.

An aeration system would then be your main source of oxygen.

Need an Aeration system? You may want the Aeration Bundle (Find out more here)

Also you will need to disconnect the tank and drain that as well, then bring it in-doors. The same applies to the UV unit and pump.

As mentioned earlier a heater will save you from all these steps.

We have customers all over the world. If you would like feel free to call us for further advice on operating our systems in your area. (Contact us here)

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