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Advantage Equipment

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Koi Buying Trip

Follow us to see what it's like to purchase koi in Japan.

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The Advantage:
Bead Filter

The Advantage Bead Filter serves as both a mechanical and biological filter all in one. It performs so well that it's the only filter on the market that comes with a "One Year Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee". Why do you think that's so?

The Advantage:
Plug & Play System

The Advantage Plug and Play System provides a very high quality filtration system that is extremely easy to both install and maintain. Typical installation takes less than an hour.

The Advantage:
G.R.O.W. System

The Advantage G.R.O.W. System is a revolutionary new product. It allows you to perform major water changes to your koi pond by directing pond water to your landscaping without increasing your water consumption.

The Advantage:
Line of Products

See the the complete line of quality Advantage equipment designed especially for koi ponds.

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Sacramento Koi is very proud of our whole line of Advantage products. Each Advantage product was designed and thoroughly tested by Sacramento Koi’s pond building division to make sure that it performs to the high standards we set for each of our products. For that reason we are able to offer the best warranty the industry has to offer on each of our products. All Advantage Products come with a one year, unconditional, satisfaction guarantee.