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Ponds are like pools so you only need one light.


When you only add one light to a pond you often end up with one stream of light shining across the pond, while much of the pond is still in the shadows. With several lights coming from different angles, the whole pond lights up and thus the koi become very visible. If only one light is used, then the undesired effect of shadows will be cast behind the koi as they swim by the light.


Underwater lights installed in a pond extend the enjoyment of the pond beyond the daylight hours. The pond takes on a completely different look at night with lights in it. At night, because there is no glare from sunlight on the pond surface, the koi become more visible than ever. The only complaint we ever hear about pond lights is, “I wish I had installed more lights when we built the pond…”

Best Practice

Generally, the purpose of adding lights to a koi pond is to light up the koi, not just the pond. We usually recommend installing several lights, depending on the size of the pond. When installing the lights, the top of the light niche should be about 18″ below water level. Keep in mind that you will want to utilize the wall where your main viewing area is.


8’x10’ rectangle pond: 2 large 500w pool lights installed on the same wall as the main viewing area about 4’ feet apart.

Model # 79206600, 78242300, 79206700, 78232500

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