GROW System – Modified Drip Line Installation

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The average water pressure delivered to a residence is from 25 to 40 psi. Because the Advantage GROW System delivers water to the drip line at a much lower pressure (approximately 5 psi) the drip line leading to the landscape plants needs to be modified as follows to operate properly:

1. A main drip line should be at least 5/8″ in diameter and should be extended the whole length of the area you plan to water with both ends of the line capped off. (see attached image below)

2. Individual small drip lines should be installed extending from the main line to each plant you wish to water. These small drip lines should not have any emitters attached to them. Any emitters would create too much back pressure for the system to operate properly. To regulate the flow to different size plants simply add a single drip line to smaller plants and multiple single lines, directly from the main line, to larger plants or trees as needed. (see attached image below)

3. Finally, connect a 5/8″ or larger main line directly from the GROW Tower landscape ball valve to the middle of the main line you just installed. Try to place this connection so that there is an equal number of individual drip lines installed on either side of this connection point. This will help equalize the water pressure to each individual drip line (see attached image below). The average system should effectively operate up to 60 separate drip lines on a single main drip line.

4. If you feel you need more drip lines you can install a second main line with up to 60 additional drip lines by installing the optional Advantage GROW System Actuator Valve Assembly.

5. You can easily calculate exactly how much water each plant is receiving by multiplying the established flow through the “landscape” ball valve line by how many minutes the system is programmed to run and then dividing that number by how many drip lines are connected to that main drip line. Example; (5 gallons per minute x 20 minutes) ÷ 50 drip lines = 2 gallons per drip line over the 20 minute period.

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