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The Advantage GROW System when ordered with the Plug and Play System comes completely installed inside the Plug and Play Control Tower. To connect the system just follow these simple steps:

1) Once the Plug and Play System is installed with the Control Tower in place, connect the 3′ long 3/4″ black hose to the gray barbed fitting near the top of the control tower. Connect the other end of the hose to the gray barbed fitting extending downward from the filter’s multiport head. It may be helpful to wet the inside of the hose slightly before trying to install it on the barbed fittings. This will allow it to slip on easier.

2) Connect your modified drip system to the ball valve on the Tower marked “landscape”. (see information on How to install a modified drip system).

3) Once the drip line is connected to the Tower simply follow the instructions on the side of the Tower to measure the flow rate of your individual drip system.

4) Once you know the flow rate of the system simply follow the instructions below the electronic programmer to program in exactly when and for how long you want the system to come on for. This will dictate exactly how much water you will change at one time and also how often this water change will take place.

5) Once the system is programmed and turned on you never need to touch it. It will automatically perform regular, precision water changes at no cost or effort on your part.

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