Advantage Complete Pond Kits

Save time and money when you buy one of the Advantage Complete Pond Kits

  • Save Money – When you purchase an Advantage Pond Kit, you receive 10% off the retail price of all the accessories. That means that on everything associated with the kit, other than the Plug and Play Filtration system, you save 10%. Any custom accessories you might add to your kit, such as an Advantage Glass Filter, digital flow meter, underwater lights, or other accessories will also be 10% off. This discount does not apply to upgrading the Plug and Play filter system to a larger size however.
  • Save Time – An Advantage Pond Kit also saves you time. There is no need to waste time trying to design a complete filtration system, only to find out after you built the pond that you forgot an important feature. The Advantage Pond Kit comes with a complete set of laminated and spiral bound instructions for your convenience at no additional charge. These instructions provide the basic size and shape of the pond but still leave some room for you to customize the pond design to fit your personal needs. All the plumbing is laid out, including which size pipe is required, and where. It really does take a lot of the guess work out of building a pond.

Note; Any unusual PVC or ABS fittings that are required to build the pond are included in the kit. Normal PVC pipe and fittings are not however. These can be easily obtained at your local home supply store.


These kits are available for either concrete or liner ponds, and will include the following items;

  • The appropriately sized Advantage Plug and Play Filtration System(s) (Two systems are used on the 15,000 gallon kit)
  • The necessary number of Advantage Fish Safe Skimmers
  • The necessary number of Advantage Bottom Drain Covers
  • The necessary number of jets (mazzei jets are included on the two smaller kits, and eductor jets are used on the three larger systems)
  • The necessary number of bottom drain clean out fittings
  • The necessary number of 3-way valves, or manifold assemblies
  • The necessary number of check valves
  • One auto fill to keep your pond at the correct level
  • One can of ABS to PVC glue


They take the guesswork out of building your dream pond.

The Advantage Complete pond kits, along with the Advantage Pond Design plans, take all the guesswork out of building your dream pond. These design plans have been thoroughly tested in the field, and are what the Advantage Pond Kits are based off of. Your not just buying equipment to build a pond. You’re buying a tried and tested design that’s proven itself to give you a pond with crystal clear, healthy water that’s easy to maintain. These pond kits come in the following sizes;

Additionally, there are a number of accessories available to customize your kit to make your dream pond a reality. Just take a look at our store. Our design plans are also available for download. To do so, please see this page; Advantage Design Plans (Link)