Advantage Pond Heater


The Advantage Koi Pond Heater is by far the most reliable and most efficient heater available for koi ponds today.

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Due to it’s state of the art, modulating technology, the Advantage Heater uses only the necessary amount of heat required. It automatically uses from 20% to 100% of its heating capacity to maintain the programmed temperature. Besides making it extremely efficient, this technology also allows the heater to maintain the programmed pond temperature to within 1 degree.

In addition, the unique patented stainless steel heating chamber allows the pond water to flow directly through the heater without the need for a separate external pump or heat exchanger.

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BTU Rating 55,000 – 285,000
Efficiency Rating 95%
Air Intake 2″-3″
Air Vent 2″-3″
Weight (lbs.) 249-294
Gas Line Size 1/2″
Water Pipe Size 2″
Cabinet Height 48″
Cabinet Width 25″
Cabinet Depth 24″


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