Advantage G.R.O.W. System – Retro-Fit



This version of the Advantage G.R.O.W. System allows you integrate it with your existing filtration equipment.

In the past, water changes were both time consuming and wasteful. Not anymore! The new Advantage Grow System uses water from your koi pond to water your landscaping. This allows the fresh water that would normally be used to water the landscaping, to slowly refill your koi pond.

  • It’s like being able to perform water changes in your koi pond for free!
  • Guarantees precision water changes all year long automatically
  • Select the amount of water you change each week based on the amount of landscaping you choose to water
  • Provides the option to send water to your waste line while medicating your pond

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 31 in


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