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Collector Box

The Collector Box serves as a junction box and a pre-filter. It allows for up to four – 4 inch drain or skimmer pipes to be connected to the pond side while the opposite end has two – 3 inch outlets for connecting multiple s. Each of the 4 inch return line openings has a slide valve built in, to adjust water flow. The box comes with a large removable net for filtering out debris.

The Advantage Collector Box is available in two sizes:

  • Small comes with 3 four inch inlets – Dimensions L-33″ W-28″ H-25″
  • Large comes with 4 four inch inlets – Dimensions L-38″ W-32″ H-27″

Collector Skimmer

The Collector Skimmer Box is designed to compliment the Collector Box by allowing you to not only pre-filter all the water drawn from the bottom drains into a net but to also collect all the debris skimmed of the surface of the pond into the same net which can easily be lifted out and dumped. The Collector Box and Skimmer combination provides a completely “fish safe” prefilter. Even if a fish enters the Skimmer and or the Collector Box, there is ample room for it to exist until it either figures out how to return to the pond or you eventually find it and return it yourself. This system is not recommended for ponds smaller than 5,000 gallons because it requires a minimum flow of 4,000 gallons an hour to properly operate. The skimmer must be installed next to the collector box with the proper 4 inch connector (provided) as shown above. Available for both concrete and liner ponds. Skimmer does not come with a net.

A stand alone unit is available with a 3 inch suction on either side of it, set down lower then the 4 inch suction of the gravity feed version. This unit also comes with a net in place to catch any leafs and debris that comes off the surface of the pond.

  • The Advantage Collector Box Skimmer – Dimensions L-28″ W-18″ H-20″

Lead Time: Built to order.

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 34 x 29 x 26 in


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