Proper Treatment of Parasites

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Proper treatment for parasites depends on which parasite the koi have. If you have access to a microscope, take a scraping from the fish and examine it under the microscope. You can usually tell which parasites are present and then treat your pond accordingly.

Note: When selecting a treatment to rid koi of a particular parasite, you should always try to choose a treatment that will effectively kill the parasite while at the same time, cause the least amount of stress to the koi. Stress is a real factor that needs to be considered in treating koi. With the addition of stress, a koi’s immune system can begin to fail, and any hope for recovery will slow down.

An infestation of parasites can be very stressful to a koi. For this reason, it is imperative when treating a koi with parasites to select a treatment that will not stress them any more than is necessary.

Parasite Medication Caution Bypass Filtration?
Flukes Supaverm – For use on koi only

– Kills Goldfish and several other species

Not necessary




Malachite Green & Formalin – Do not use with salt level above .1%

– Will kill most pond plants

– Keep pond well oxygenated

Ich Salt – Will kill most pond plants Not necessary
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