Custom Pond Design Package

We'll help you build a successful koi pond, the first time.

A new pond may look beautiful to begin with, but how will it stand the test of time? Will you grow to hate the pond because of the time you spend maintaining it instead of enjoying it with your family and friends?

Sacramento Koi is a leader in the koi pond industry, and we are the only manufacturer of koi pond equipment that actively builds ponds. This gives us a unique perspective to see first hand what works, and even more importantly, what doesn’t.

Our Pond Design Package is comprised of four essential pieces to ensure that you have an enjoyable koi pond for years to come.




Request your design package now to ensure your pond is built the right way the first time.

– Sacramento Koi

Our Pond Design Package includes the following to ensure your success:


1. Professional pond design help.

2. The right equipment.

3. Our superior personal service.

4. For builders, the opportunity to become an Approved Builder with Sacramento Koi.

Professional Pond Design Help

Whether you're the architect, builder, or the homeowner, we're here to help you design a successful koi pond.

Whether you’re the architect, builder, or the homeowner, we will help you design a pond that will look beautiful from day one and well into the future. A new pond may look beautiful, but if you end up spending too much time trying to maintain it, you’ll grow to hate the pond. Throughout the whole design process, we never lose sight of how important it is for your pond to be as easy as possible to maintain.

When we agree on a design, we will provide CAD plans for the new pond, along with a 3D rendering of the complete pond. Seeing everything in its place ensures clarity for all throughout the build.

When building a pond, it’s easy to overlook vital points that can have a detrimental effect on your koi keeping experience. For example, not having the proper bottom contour is the difference between your pond effectively cleaning itself, or you cleaning it every few months.

The wrong pond depth can lead to headaches with predators. Incorrect pipe sizing can lead to costly monthly bills running pumps larger than necessary to get the proper water flow. Also, pipes too small will eventually clog trying to draw the waste from your pond to filter.

Without the proper number of bottom drains and jets, the flow of your pond will not contribute to it being self-cleaning, and your water clarity will suffer.

Lastly, the placement of the lights is essential. Underwater lights installed in a pond extends the enjoyment of the pond beyond the daylight hours. At night, because there is no glare from sunlight on the pond surface, the koi become more visible than ever. The purpose of adding lights to a koi pond is to light up the koi, not just the pond. Because of this, the placement of the lights becomes very important.


None of these items are overlooked when we support you in designing your pond.

The Right Equipment

The heart of a successful koi pond is the filtration equipment.

We will spec out in detail all of the equipment necessary to build your pond, including any options that you may desire. The heart of a successful koi pond is the filtration system. To ensure your success, we use our Advantage Plug and Play System. We designed it with both the builder and the user in mind. It is the most straightforward koi pond filtration system available to install, maintain, and service.

Additionally, it’s the only filtration system available that comes with a one year, unconditional satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that you will love the ease of maintenance and water quality it provides for years to come.

Having a complete equipment list also makes the bidding process much simpler for everyone involved. Too, buying all of the equipment from one supplier makes any warranty issues that may arise much easier to handle.

We also have years of experience with different building material options. Over the years we’ve built liner, concrete, gunite, and cinder block ponds. We’ve used a variety of interior finishes as well, including plaster, Pebble Tech, cement sealers and spray on liners.

Unparalleled Customer Service

From pond startup to maintaining it, we're here for you.

After building the pond, we are there to support the homeowner every step of the way. We will walk them through the startup process to condition the pond, and it’s water so they can safely add koi. From that point on, we will assist with how to maintain the pond.

First, we teach how and when to test the water quality. Then, how to make adjustments to ensure a healthy environment for the koi.

Next, we will provide high-quality koi for their new pond. Every October, we travel to Japan to hand-select beautiful koi for our customers.


Registering the Pond


If the homeowner chooses to register their pond with us, there are some great benefits. When the pond is registered, we will have all the necessary information to help troubleshoot any maintenance issues or problems that may arise.

How do you go about registering the pond? First, the design plans that we provide must be followed carefully, and the equipment must be laid out according to the drawings. All valves and pipes must be labeled and identified with the provided stickers, and photographs of the equipment and valves need to be shared with us. Finally, a simple form needs to be submitted with details of the pond. I.e., how many gallons the pond is, the voltage used, etc.

Becoming An Approved Builder

As an Approved Builder, we'll recommend you to those inquiring about building a pond in your area.

You’ll qualify as an Approved Builder if you follow the following steps. Carefully follow the design and the equipment specified on the plans. Most importantly, however, is that the homeowner is happy 60 days after the pond is completed.

We’ll then be able to recommend you to those inquiring about building a pond in your area. You will also qualify for sales literature explaining what it means to be an Approved Builder with Sacramento Koi. This will go a long ways toward building a homeowners confidence in you as a pond builder, and your ability to build their pond right the first time.