The Advantage Electrical Control Tower

The Right Setup For You

The Plug and Play Electrical Control Tower is available only on the Advantage Plug and Play System. The Tower allows you to select from a number of different configurations of options to make sure you get exactly the right electrical setup to meet your koi pond needs.

The Electrical is Already Done

The whole system is protected through a built in GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) for your protection. The Tower comes standard with a 20 foot long, 12 gauge electrical cord installed to connect to a power source. The advantage of having the whole system operated through one plug in cord is that in the event that you ever lose power, you can simply unplug the system from the main power source and plug it into a portable gas powered generator. Instantly your pond is back up and running.

Base Model

All Plug and Play Systems automatically come standard with the basic Tower which consists of one double gang weather proof box with four outlets. All four outlets are GFCI protected. Two of the outlets are always on while the other two outlets are controlled by the two weather proof switches near the top of the Tower. This provides an “always on” outlet for the ultraviolet light and the blower (blower has it’s own control switch built in). One of the switch-able plugs is for the main pump while the other switch-able plug is for any auxiliary item.

Digital Timer Upgrade

The digital timer comes hard wired into the Tower and allows you to simply plug into the bottom of the timer any auxiliary item that you would like to operate on a timer. The timer has two outlets which both activate at the same time. This timer could be used to operate an air pump, an additional pond pump, pond lights or landscape lights that you would like to be turned on and off on a set schedule.

100 Watt Low Voltage Trasnformer

This low voltage transformer is a perfect fit if you choose to add Nexxus LED underwater lights to your pond. The Nexxus LED lights add an amazing amount of light to the pond yet operate on only 10 watts each. Rather than a spot light like most pond lights, these lights give off a 160 degree radius of light. With this transformer you can easily operate up to six of these LED lights.

300 Watt Low Voltage Transformer

This low voltage transformer is designed for operating landscape lights. The advantage of having a separate transformer for the pond lights and the landscape lights is that you may want to have the landscape lights on every night while the pond lights could be turned on only when you have company. This not only saves on electricity, but also allows the koi to sleep when there is no one around to enjoy them.

Second Electrical Box Upgrade

This option is available if you think you might need extra electrical outlets. The outlets in this box are all GFCI protected and are always on. Note: This option automatically comes standard with the 15,000 gallon system because of the extra outlet required for the second blower.