Unionized Multiport Head

This valve allows you to select which of 6 different modes you wish the filter to perform in.


  • Filter – This is the normal running mode which filters the pond water.
  • Waste – This mode bypasses the bead filter media and sends water out the waste line. This is used when you want to perform a water change or empty the pond of water.
  • Closed – This mode is used only when bead filter is shut down.
  • Backwash – This mode causes the water in the filter to run in reverse and out the waste line. This is used to clean the filter media of any debris that was collected during the filtering process.
  • Recirculation – In this mode the pond water bypasses the filter media inside of the filter and returns to the pond. This is to be used whenever you medicate the pond with a medication, such as formalin, that might kill off the beneficial bacteria in the filter.
  • Rinse – This mode sends the water through the bead filter media just as in the filter mode except the water is then directed out the waste line instead of back to the pond. This mode is to be used to give a final rinse to the filter media after backwashing the media to prevent any dirty water from returning to the pond. Additionally, the rinse mode is also used during the backwashing cycle to help agitate the bead media. When the air blower is turned on in this mode, the air is forced into the bottom of the tank. As the air erupts up from the tank bottom it causes the water inside the tank to bubble up, thereby loosening up the filter media and causing any debris trapped in the bead filter to separate from the media. This greatly reduces the amount of water required to backwash the bead filter.