11000 Gallon Pond

In a tight squeeze? We have a solution for that.

Introducing the Plug and Play Slim. The standard Plug and Play System was carefully designed to be as compact and functional as possible. However, its square design can in some situations make it difficult to install. For example, along side your house or on a narrow pathway. At only 2 feet deep, the Plug and Play Slim fits into these narrow areas with room to spare.


The Plug and Play Slim



Simply add $60.00 to the original, comparably sized Plug and Play model (15k Plug and Play Slim is not available at this time). To order, just give us a call at 916-652-4231.


Three reasons why the Advantage Plug and Play is right for you.

1) It’s the easiest system to install.

The Advantage Plug and Play system is by far the easiest koi pond filtration system to install. Simply follow these 6 steps. (1) Place the reinforced vinyl equipment pad on a flat surface. (2) Place the equipment on the pad in the areas marked out for each piece of equipment. (3) Attach the pre-plumbed pipes to the equipment by screwing the unions together. (4) Plug the equipment into the appropriate plug sockets on the base of the Plug and Play Electrical Tower. (5) The only gluing necessary is to connect the filter to your ponds intake and return line. (6) Finally, plug the main cord into a 20 amp supply outlet. With the Advantage Plug and Play System, you get a perfect install every time. The whole process takes less than 1 hour.

2) It’s the easiest system to operate.

Typical operation requires back washing the filter once a week during summer months and once every two weeks during winter months. The back washing procedure takes less than 5 minutes and there is no need to get your hands wet. Back washing is a simple process of moving the multiport valve and turning on and off the and blower which are controlled with the built in control switches.

Backwash Instructions – Advantage Bead Filter (Also Plug and Play)

3) It’s the easiest system to maintain.

If it ever becomes necessary to repair or replace any of the equipment on the system, the process could not be easier. The , ultraviolet light and blower all are connected to the system by 2 inch unions. To replace an item you simply open up the weatherproof box, unplug the item and then disconnect the plumbing unions. To replace the item you just reverse this process.