Recommended Pond Size:

    -Advantage 10 Bead Filter is good for ponds up to 10,000   gallons in size.
    -Advantage 15 Bead Filter is good for ponds up to 15,000   gallons in size.

Note: Oversizing the filter for the pond will reduce how often you will need to backwash the filter.

Maximum Pressure: 50 PSI

Recommended Flow: 25 GPM – 80 GPM

-Over 80 GPM may force small particles through the
  filter and slightly reduce the clarity of your water. With
  very high flow systems, consider bypassing the filter
  with excessive water flow.

Head Pressure:

    – 30 GPM = 1.2 ft of head
    – 40 GPM = 3.1 ft of head
    – 50 GPM = 5.5 ft of head
    – 60 GPM = 8.3 ft of head
    – 70 GPM = 10.4 ft of head
    – 80 GPM = 13.4 ft of head

Head Pressure Note:

If the pond requires over 70 gallons per minute, consider installing two smaller filters. Dividing the flow between the two filters will greatly reduce the head pressure of the whole system. (see 15,000 gallon Plug and Play System)


    – 2HP
    – 8.2 amps @110 Volts
    – Use only when pump(s) is off during   backwash cycle.

Construction Materials:

    – Fiberglass Tank
    – Isoplast Top Closure Lid
    – Rigid Plastic Base
    – Metal Blower
    – PVC Multiport Control Valve with 2 inch in/out   openings.

Media: Round Poly Beads

    – ABF 10 = 3.50 cubic feet of bead media
    – ABF 15 = 5.00 cubic feet of bead media

– Filter should be filled to the bottom of the   upper bulkhead when tank is empty of water.   Over filling the tank with media will greatly   reduce the filters performance.


    – 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee
    – 2 Year Warranty on Blower and Multiport Head
    – 3 Year Warranty on Tank and Internals


    – Designed specifically for koi ponds.
    – Easiest pond filter to maintain available.
    – Only filter available with a “Satisfaction   Guarantee.”
    – Both an excellent biological and mechanical   filter.
    – Never need to change filter media.
    – Clear top closure lid allows you to see inside   filter during backwashing.
    – Wide selection of high efficient pumps   available at
    – Backwashing recommended once a week during   summer and once every other week during the   winter. Frequency may vary depending on fish   load.
    – Backwashing operation takes only 5 minutes.

Shipping Weight:

    – ABF 10 = 4 boxes weighing 195 lbs total.
    – ABF 15 = 6 boxes weighing 285 lbs total.