15,000 Gallon Advantage Pond Kit:


Standard Inclusions

x1) Advantage 15,000 Gallon Plug and Play System
x2) Advantage 10 Bead Filter
x2) Artesian 1/3 HP Pump
x1) Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems 150 Watt HO UV
x1) Electrical Control Tower + 2nd Electrical Box
x1) 3’x4′ Equipment Pad
x1) 2’x3′ Equipment Pad
x1) Custom Plumbing With Unions

x1) 4 Hole Collector Box (4 inch)
x1) Collector Box Skimmer (4 inch)
x1) Auto-fill
x1) Check Valve (2 inch)
x3) Advantage Bottom Drain Cover
x2) 3-way Valves (2 inch)
x8) Eductor Jets w/elbows
x2) Clean-out w/reducer (3 inch x 2 inch)
x1) ABS to PVC Cement

Optional Equipment

Digital Flow Meter
In Pond Lights

Rubber Liner Kit
35’x40′ Rubber Liner (Custom Liners Available)
x9) 1.5 inch Bulkhead Fittings for Jets/Autofill
x3) 4 inch Bulkhead Fitting for Bottom Drain